Solar Company Products and Services


We are going beyond any energy design, installation and maintenance package for homes and businesses throughout Southern California. We offer more than solar installation packages.  

Most solar equipment has a standard 25-year warranty. We service all equipment warranties at no additional charge to our customers.

Smart Design Formula


    =  Building performance enhancements + Reduced Solar

    =  NETzero utility  


This formula is specifically designed to minimize up front solar costs and reduce existing energy consumption by replacing inefficient building appliances and other equipment with alternative—Energy Star rated equipment. This model allows for a consumer to have upgrade options outside of larger, more expensive, solar electric systems.


Efficiency upgrades may include:

LED lighting and controls

·        Installing household lighting fixtures not only offer sleek personalized lighting but can be the first steps toward dramatically reducing energy costs.  


Variable speed pool pumps

·         Reduce a pool’s energy consumption by replacing the pump, which consumes the most energy than any other piece of pool equipment.  A well-designed varible-speed pump can reduce swimming pool energy costs up to 90 percent.  


Whole house or attic fans

·         Adding a whole house fan delivers energy efficient natural cooling throughout an entire home. These fans are usually sufficient for most homes.  

While the whole house fan may be suffice, the addition of a solar-powered attic is often recommended for US regions that have hot, dry, sunny climates. The device is self-powered, turns on automatically, and will have a significant impact reducing a building’s heat load


Electric Heat pumps

·         Providing efficient energy for water heaters, laundry dryers and heating & cooling systems


Most importantly…

Customer approved aesthetic and seamless system integration.

We take pride showing off our work, but that pride isn’t possible until you LOVE your new systems and feel great about contributing to the preservation of our environment. Solar Company Products and Services above has been created for your needs. 

Residential Solar Financing Options

At CM Solar Electric, we provide a wide range of attractive financing options. We work directly with our customers to help them understand details of each financing option, in order to guarantee selection of the best option for you.

We work directly with San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union to provide solar financing options that accommodate every budget and financing need.

Many of our customers have personal financing options offered by other banks, S&Ls or credit unions that are offering low interest rates. We are experienced working with many financing options and can assist anyone in need of details of options that best fit their needs.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your financing options, our in house experts are extremely knowledgeable and can personally present financing options that will best suit your needs. Click here to Contact a CM Solar Financing Expert.

Our previous customers have used the following methods of financing, and below is a description of each Solar Panel Financing options.

Commercial Solar Financing Options

A debt-based funding arrangement that a business can set up with a financial institution. The proceeds of commercial loans may be used to fund large capital expenditures and/or operations that a business may otherwise be unable to afford.

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