About “We”

What is “smart energy”?

Smart energy isn’t always about redesigning your home’s entire electrical system.  It’s far more approachable… as well as cost-effective.  Smart energy for our advisors is about offering clean cut system designs, project budget planning, and mentoring services to the general public– homeowners, sub-contractors, energy brokers, government establishments and non-profit organizations.

In our experience, we have found many cost efficient and effective ways to maximize a home’s value and reduce costs associated with energy. Our advice about reducing energy costs and beginning the stages of creating a smart home could be as simple as updating light fixtures throughout your home or switching to a smart thermostat.  We value your trust in our work and are commitment to upholding the highest quality standards when providing our services.

Our workforce is trained to be safe and productive during all aspects of a project.  We use an intricate energy design formula to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

At the end of the day you are investing hard you are investing your hard earned money and time towards assets that directly affect your home and the smart lifestyle you are creating. CM Solar Electric guarantees that your investment in our services will resonate lasting profitable returns.

What sets us apart from other “solar” companies?

What sets us apart is our personalized customer care, our ability to translate energy needs into project goals, and our experienced team who can develop, maintain, and accomplish those goals.  All while striving to establish quality relationships with our developing and existing customers.

We not only take great pride in all aspects of our professional endeavors, we are trendsetters within the smart energy and solar energy community.

Trendsetting in our diction means providing mentoring services for every project, large to small, classic or unconventional.  We provide this service for every potential or existing customer to gain knowledge needed for evaluating specific project goals. Just as people have unique personalities, every project has unique needs and goals. Our team members are experienced technicians, trained among a rich solar and electrical community with years of quality experience. Such a broad knowledge base allows us to be concise and specific when analyzing project needs.

Whether you find CM Solar Electric as the best fit for your needs, we have made it a part of our personal mission to provide these services so that at the end of the day… Every completed project is exactly what you envisioned, with the returns you wanted, and the continuing service to maintain a quality relationship with our developing and existing customers.

Whether you find CM Solar Electric as the best fit for your needs, we have made it a part of our personal mission to provide solar and electrical services that ensure every existing and developing customer is 100% confident in that your finalized project is exactly what you envisioned with the returns you expected.  

The next step

It’s very obvious you have taken the first steps in your process of finding the highest quality services for your smart energy needs.  At this point our recommendation for the next step starts here, by allowing a solar and electrical service provider to view your personal energy usage information. This information will be used to create an Electrical, Energy, Efficiency Rating (E.E.E. Rating) for you to keep for your records.

To allow CM Solar Electric to begin a personalized interpretation and estimate of your smart energy project needs please contact us here.  

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